What is the correct pronunciation of Gysahl Greens?

It’s been bugging me lately. How is it spelled in kana?

I’m pretty sure it’s gisaa-ru (with the dash being that peculiar kana that can mean R, L, or H). Hence why it’s sometimes seen as “Gisarl”.

::shrugs:: I’d always heard it Gisaaru or Gisaarlu, I don’t really know what’s correct though.

Maybe we will be treated to a pronunciation of it Advent Children? I have not seen much on exactly what it will entail but maybe a mention of it will quash any wonder

It was pronounced in FFU. I’ve only seen the Japanese version though.

Where is it pronounced? I have the English version.

The Earl eats something spiced with Gysahl Greens. No idea which episode it’s from though.

Holy crap, now i have to go look for that, since i also do not remember it, though i do recall a frame where he spears some green leaves, i will have to watch my dvds again and see if i can find it.

Why try to pronounce it as per it’s japanese spelling, if there is a perfectly fine english spelling of it for us who don’t know Japanese?

“Gis-all” is just fine. Hell, “Geese-All” works too. But looking at it spelled “Gysahl” and then guessing “Well, it couldaru be spellaru such-and-such”. BAH, its spelled “Gysahl” so we english folk dont have to mess with the fact that Japanese people cant fucking prounounce L.

Infact, I dont know why I’m even flaming, maybe I just hate Japanese, I dunno. Screw it!


Japanese kana is spelled a certain way period…if it’s spelled a certain way, then it’s pronounced that way. English is the complete opposite. Gysahl is a completely ambiguous spelling; it could be pronounced any of at least 10 different ways. Knowing the Japanese pronunciation can at least narrow it down to 1 or 2.

The only ambiguity in Japanese is the L vs. R debate, and for actual Japanese words, that debate is nonexistent. There is no R or L, but rather a sound somewhere in between (it’s similar to the first “roll” in a rolled R). The only problem comes when reading a Japanese transliteration of an English word, and trying to figure out if the English word is meant to have an R or L. (There are also a few other oddities that pop up, especially regarding dipthongs and the like.)