what is the best Saga game?


I haven’t played that many games in the series, but my favorite is Saga Frontier 2.

SaGa Frontier, no contest. Best Story, best atmosphere, best music, coolest graphical style, fast-paced, one of the better battle engines (I say hats off to the Romancing SaGa remake for best combat engine), and best overall execution. The only thing that could make it better would be a slightly better combat system, and maybe some tutorials and shit to make it more accessible to more people.

A more readily debatle question might be “Which SaGa game has the best plot?”.

I’m going to refrain from voting since I refuse to have a favorite per say, but I will do one comparison the remake of Romancing SaGa for the PS2 is way better than the original. And not just because of the power of the PS2 alowing for things like better graphics.

Yea IMO Romancing SaGa just blows away the other parts of the series in general though. RS1-3 and Minstrel Song set the bar pretty high for turn-based RPGs…

Heck, the tech system started in RS2 got ripped off in dozens of ways both in-company and by other developers. It was that dang good. When Square-Enix makes an MMORPG and bases its weapon/skill system off that of Romancing SaGa, and no one who plays it is even aware of this fact, it makes me cry.


Sonic The Hedgehog!!!

Wait so that actually happened? Sorry to be honest I don’t play any MMRORPGs so I wouldn’t know what game you’re referring to. I haven’t been keeping up with any games that Square-Enix is making in the MMORPG market beyond the almost impossible not to notice FFXI.

That’s their only MMORPG, at least with NA access. It actually uses the SaGa games’ weapon skill/tech system, complete with the “Skillchain” system which is basically SaGa Frontier’s combos but with multiple people controlling individual characters.

Not advertised: The 5 hours of straight up, full party “grinding” it takes to get one experience level, not counting the hours wasted trying to get those 5 hours up and running. Also the countless hours which must be spent money-making in order to “make the cut” for parties.

One addendum to that is that techs are learned when certain weapon skill levels are reached, not by a light bulb system. A light bulb system in an MMORPG? That’d be rediculous.

would it be so hard to vote rather than just make a post?