What is the best forum website for video games?

I want to start posting on forums what are the best ones?


This is the best one, in my opinion. It is basically just all the cool people from a normal forum, and all the hordes of dumbasses removed. I think each one of us represents a certain personality that would make a clique in a large forum. I hope this post makes sense!

This would be a great place if not for the days of inactivity.

The bigger question is why are you asking such a question here.

Seriously, why?

Because it’s a spambot.

I know that is a rather unnecessary question, but is he really a spam bot? since he’s not advertising anything and he actually changed his title as well?

That’s because someone banned him and edited his sig. :V

He had spam in his signature.

Oh I guess that explains it! lol… I must have missed the initial sig!

Seriously, you guys didn’t realize it was a bot? I could tell just by how the post was written.

I just assume everyone is a bot.

Your mom is a bot.

Mother-bashing seems to be a common resolution (or should I say outcome) in this forum… xD

YOUR MOM is a common outcome! :slight_smile:

I’m just a tomato! We’re all tomatos! Your mom is an old man!

i can’t love

only spam bot ask this type of stupid questions…
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Let me guess, cdkeyhouse, you were a spambot before it was cool?

The time has come… the spambots are turning on each other! :open_mouth: