What is non-existance? Is there such a thing? Is it possible?

I know this has been done before, but I’m still curious to the topic.

I ask, what is it like to be non-existant? Try to think of what it’s like to not exist. It’s impossible. Human comprehension cannot go that far. We are not powerful enough, as homo-sapiens, to figure out that mystery defying space & time.

I believe that when you die, your consciousness recognizes said non-existance, but if that were true. Then someone would know about what it’s like, no? My new theory is that when we die, we simply die. Either that, or if one person dies, they are still living in another time or space. So, let’s say I died <b>right now</b>, I’m still alive. 'cause 1 bajillionth of a second before I “died”, I was alive. Time is a cycle, time repeats itself.

So, if we die, we are alive. Maybe in another ‘timeline’, whereas a timeline would be like so. Assuming we take the scenario that: “Person A commit suicide in timeline 1-2”, and “Person A reconsiders commiting suicide, and ultimately does not, in timeline 1-3”.

So, in an alternate dimension, most likely similar to our own, Person A is still living. But, that doesn’t answer the question of non-existance. But, really, it does.

Think of this, Person A dies in timeline 1-2, hence making his or her consciousness non-existant. But, in another reality, their consciousness is existant. So, if you were somehow “non-existant”, in timeline 1-2, you’d still be in timeline 1-3. So you’d “warp” to the other timeline (1-3). It’s impossible to die, or to become non-existant; as we are always living, and existant, in some point in space and time.

Yeah, glad I got that cleared up. See any flaws? Like to discuss? Go ahead.

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