What in hell!? O_o

I don’t think this was quite the use shockwave intented flash to be used for when they coded it.

And no, it isn’t porn. 5chan has some pretty cool swfs/gifs as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

DAMMIT man I cant see it. you sure the link works?

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??? And what was this fool smoking when he made this.

Issac Newton singing about the moon and chocolate!


Yes, and Patrick Moore plays the xylophone.

I can’t believe I expected that to be funny.


Cool, I broke Sin. :smiley:

Meh, SK’s done that before. But in a different way (sorry Sin 8P).

>>;; macromedia made flash and shockwave. :stuck_out_tongue: silly pierson.

(o_O;;; is it just me, or did shin’s avvie blink? ._.)

The insane-ness of your second comment cancels out the truth of your first. You’re wrong! HAH! :stuck_out_tongue:

How wierd.

Computers are too easy to use if people know how to do this stuff while on that many drugs. Longhorn needs to be less user-friendly.

What if the mound was made of chocolate and someone took a dump there and some one else ate it.
That gives me an idea, we need an icky smilie. Like one with it’s toung sticking out.

…Normally, I’d make siome smart-ass comment about that nearly breaking my nigfh-unbreakable mind, but thast just hurt too damn much. I’m gonna go lie down, then gargle a few rounds from my revolver.

I don’t mean to be an asshole blah blah blah, but that scheme is hella overused. People making flashes that involve japanese music and either making funny translations or translating them to english words they sound like is highly overused =/

I want that song, what is it called? >.>;


Meh, I’ve seen weirder shit on DeviantArt.

ok, yay !now the link works! :victoly: …hard pause, starring into the screen:thinking:

:suckah: I realized only 3 words can describe this sadistic crap “WHAT THE FUCK???” this is another example when I tend to question " How fucking retarded can we get?" :thinking: