What if... BATMAN had been written by Dostoyevsky??

Or: “Crime and Punishment- 60’s Batman style!”


Never let it be said I don’t bring things of Literary value to this place. :hahaha;:hahaha;:hahaha;

Man, the things some people come up with. But hey, he actually went and drew the whole thing, instead of just a one-strip gag, and in exactly the correct Batman artwork for the time!

No comment on the gender-switching. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great link!


That’s … awesome turned inside out. Or maybe non-awesome, turned inside out to reveal awesome inside. Or something.

Nice find Wil.

Once again proving how awesome Batman really is (one way or another).

Incidentally, I found a weird book in a bookstore yesterday. A LotR book written from an orc’s point of view, apparently set after the War of the Ring.

I’m glad to see you people enjoyed it, I was going to post the link in the Main Forum but then thougth to post it here, where folks with a little more appreciation for writing might find it.

Manus: That reminds me of the novel that looks at The Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch’s point of view. Turns out she and Glinda were friends once but were parted when they fell in love over the same guy, and then she became bitter and evil after he died. Kinda soapy, yeah, but hey, I think they made a Musical out of it.

Do you remember the title? I could be interested in that.

Nobody can best the Bat.