What happened?!

Ok, so my dog tripped over a cord last night and brought my playstation 2 down in a heap while I was playing star ocean 3. NOW I can’t even play the damn thing because whenever I exit out of a town, the machine will click and then the game will freeze and the words “loading data from disc” will appear. is this my ps2? The game? Please say it’s the game because it’s only rented and I can take it back and buy a new copy for myself. What can I do to solve this?

If the PS2 is making a noise then that’s probably the problem. When it dropped it may have damaged something or repositioned the laser. I would call Sony and hope your PS2 is still under waranty. Try to see if your other games work first.

Someone set up you the bomb.

Yeah, it’s probably the PS2, not the game. However, check whether your other games work first. If they don’t, it’s the PS2, if they do, it’s the disc. Unless ALL your discs are fucked. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be safe to say that in a battle between gravity and ps2, ps2 will lose… :hint: :thinking:

Sony makes notoriously flimsy consoles so it might be your PS2. Try loading some other games. Advice for the future, keep your pets our of the room :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a similar incident with my first ps2, but all that happened was a near ruined copy of Armored Core 2. pray it’s just the game.

It was actually the game for some reason…I have no idea what happened though

a similar thing happened to my ps2, but it fell on it’s front, so the controller and memory card (with hundreds of play hours and haslf finished games on it) broke instead. So now, I use a wireless contoller.

The jolt probably made the disc go out of it’s little slot and get scratced up.

Yeah and I don’t think the guy who owned the video game store was happy, especially when we were gonna buy a copy and my mom was all “I hope it’s cheaper at Walmart.”

And it was.

So Not that rented Copy of SO3.

Big Nutter