What happened to that Dragon Ninja?

I haven’t seen Dragon Ninja in a while. He disappeared for a while, came in the chat again for a bit and I thought he had returned. Once again though, he has disappeared! What up with that?

Anyone got the word on him, eh?

The sex offender registry is coming up blank.

Edit: Wow this was my 3000th post

That was my first assumption when he disappeared. He mentioned a new girl in his life when he came back to the chat for that small while. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously though, pedophilia is not cool.

Now I remember why I read these boards.

Now I remember why I don’t.

Except… I do >_>;;;;

He was kidnapped by Life.

Nulani has it about right. When you got a job, a woman and a life, who needs the intarnets?

Don’t answer that.

Then what happens to the Realm of the Dragons?! It will fall into chaos! (Well, moreso.)

It can’t fall into more chaos than it already is, can it? He’s still online on icq from time to time, so he’s still around and probably observes and keeps it at least somewhat updated and maintained.

Thank fucking god I’m gay! I don’t have to deal with menopause and I get to keep the internet! HOT.


I totally thought this topic was about Dragonquester, 'cause the topic was cut off on the main page at “What happened to that Dragon…”. :smiley:


Best shit I’ve read all week.