What game have you mastered

mega man x1, doom2,super mario world,super metroid :wave:

Older Games:

Shining Force 1 & 2
Legend of Zelda

Recent Games:

Halo - Completed Legendary
Resident Evil 4 - Destroyed it

Chrono Trigger. And I can beat SMW in a single sitting from memory and get full completion.

I’ve cleared every side quest in Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 4, and Kingdom Hearts

I’ve probably mastered more, but that’s all that happened recently

I dunno, when I play games, I often remember that I’ve memorized the map or something. Thus, I don’t have a definitive list for you. Sorry.

Dragon Force. I pull out such fucking great strategies that I can beat that game with 3 battle losses max (not counting story forced losses), and those were battles lost on purpose.

I can beat MMX1-5 with X with absolutely nothing. I can beat MMX8 with all characters with absolutely nothing.

I can beat pretty much any SaGa Frontier scenario in about 6 hours; I can beat T260’s in just short of 2 hours.

I can go trough FFIX, Tales of Phantasia, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross getting absolutely everything with the lowest times and I pretty much can play Planescape: Torment with my eyes closed, remembering every single dialogue branch in the entire game and it’s outcomes.

But of course, I am the single greatest expert on Breath of Fire I, II, III and IV this world has ever seen.

Define “Mastered”: if you mean done everything and found everything, then I have mastered the vast majority of the RPGs I have played. I’m obsessive like that. :slight_smile:

Star Ocean II and FFX2 were particularly hard. In fact, to this day I’m not sure if I got 100% on FFX2 or not… I think I only got 99%, yet I got ALL the endings scenes (?) Unfortunately, my X2 game save was wiped out (along everything else on my old PS2 memory card- I have no idea HOW) so now I’ll never know for sure. > <

FF3-7 finished all side quests, and taken all characters to 99 without cheats!
Chrono Trigger, of course.
Illusion of Gaia… finally! (Only finished twice though… still not remembering some things)
Halo/Halo2, all levels finished on Every difficulty.
Umm… hehe.


Recently, I haven’t finished anything, nonetheless mastered, but here’s my list. Almost none(actually I think it is none) of these games are current-gen.

FF Tactics
FF4, 7
Valkyrie Profile(on all difficulty levels plus bonus dungeons)
Megaman 2, 3
Legend of Zelda : OoT
Quest 64
Super Mario 64
Dragon Warrior, DW2, DW4
Super Mario World
Paper Mario(N64)
Legend Of Zelda
Super Mario Bros.1, 2, 3
Sword of Vermillion
Phantasy Star 4
Chrono Trigger
GTA/GTA :London Double disc

Heheh, I used to be able to do that; too rusty now though.
In fact, back when I only had two GBA games, I would beat Super Mario World every day. Just had nothing better to do. Took me 2 1/2 hours every time.

I would like to say I’ve mastered Lufia: The Legend Returns, but alas… my game still says I’m missing some treasure chests and items. Which I think impossible, since I’ve been everywhere…

I’m not sure if you were around or not but a couple of weeks ago I announced that I beat/mastered every game in my household. All 303 of them.


Oh, yes,
Radical Dreamers
Secret Of Mana - how did I forget that?!
Lufia II: Rise Of The Sinistrals - how many millions in the Casino?!


All I can really think of at the moment as being “mastered” was SMW. First game I had, and until about 6 months later, the only game I had. Now it would seem scary the amount time I spent doing really crazy crap flying all over the maps looking for secret levels.
But, now I suck, and I’m no match for some of those insane SMW hacks.
Though FF6 I consider myself as mastering. Didn’t bother to get everyone to level 99 (though all it takes is about a half hour in the dinosaur forest with the Exp. Egg, Ultima, and a ton of Sleeping Bags), but I think I found all the secrets of the game (except about 7 Rages, but they must’ve been dummied out or something. Should’ve seen the monster FAQs I wrote (though admitably it’s stuff people have probably already wrote to death on GameFAQs about)
Too bad not even archive.org will retrieve my old AOL site or webjump.com site (ugh, my webjump site I know existed in May 2001, as I put some of my earliest ROMhack work up there, yet the “archived” page is just some damn squatter page)

Ninja Gaiden (XBox). I can shoot through that game like the enemies aren’t even there.

Between you and me, and whoever else might read this post, getting 100% wasn’t worth it. The super secret ending or whatnot…

It’s just an in-game cutscene where Tidus and Yuna stand around and talk about nothing for maybe 5 minutes. The only good part is how it ends - Yuna standing on the cliff looking out at Zanarkand, echoing the way FFX started with Tidus standing there. THE SECRET ENDING IS NOT EVEN IN FMV. I sat there thinking there had to be more until I was asked to save a new game plus. I’d gone and wasted many hours on the game to get a secret ending that I found totally unsatisfying.

I went and blew off some steam with Ninja Gaiden. =P But seriously, how did you feel about the “secret” ending?

I’ve never mastered an RPG. I’ve never gotten all my Chrono Trigger characters to level **, but I’ve gotten everything and seen all but two endings.

I have mastered the original Megaman X. I can beat the game and get everything - Hadoken included - in one sitting and beat every boss with just the buster.

My list:

  • FFV (-Omega and Shinryu)
  • FFIX (-Ozma)
  • FFX (+stat maxing and Dark Aeons but not Penance)
  • FFT (-propositions and stat maxing)
  • GTA: Vice City (100%)
  • Devil May Cry (ie beaten on all difficulties including Dante Must Die mode)

That’s all I can remember now.

FF3,4,6,7,8,9,TA, Secret of Mana, Chrono Cross (rainbow armor+weapons for all characters is a bitch), Chrono Trigger (had lvl 99 characters until my brother saved over like a dumbass), Halo, Mega Man X-X3 (using only X-Buster).

super mario rpg
the legend of zelda: ocarina of time
the legend of zelda: link’s awakening
Harvest Moon 64
Tony Hawk 3,4, and Underground
Soul Calibur 2
Ridge Racer 64
Mario Tennis
Pokemon Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Crystal
NCAA Football 2004
Super Monkey Ball 2
Donkey Kong 64
Luigi’s Mansion
Top Spin
Advance Wars
Civilization 2
Fire Emblem
Golden Sun
Time Splitters 2

(i know rpg’s were implied . . but oh well. i was curious to see how many i’d mastered. there are a ton of games i love and have spent 50+ hours on that didn’t make this list. i’m now going to cry at how pathetic i am at goldeneye, perfect dark, tales of symphonia, ect)