What ever happend to...

That mmorpgg online fighting game? Anyone remember that? That was cool! Can somone give me the link to that site again. Thanks, pally.

Umm… don’t Fighting and MMORPG kinda void each other?

Imagine a fighting game with a turn based battle system.

Ken: HA! your Shinku-hadouken won’t affect me, Ryu. All I have to do is push back! tries to move back. Nothing happens What the hell! AHHH IT HURTS!!!

I see you’ve never played Shenmue, Xelo.

You are speaking about KoF Online.

I am interested in KoF Online, though I haven’t followed the news. Last time I checked, the english site wasn’t up yet…

I see you’ve never played Shenmue, Xelo.

I have… so I guess that makes me look stupid for what I posted before. Umm, just ignore that post. Look away. No, not at it! Away from it! I hate all of you!:runaway: