What does it take?

What does it take for someone to be cool or all right in your book? Stupid question probably, but I’m curious what everyone thinks.

Cool in my book boils down to 5 aspects;

  1. Not being annoying
  2. Having a sense of humour
  3. Being fairly-open minded.
  4. Did I say not annoying?
  5. Factor X

That’s about it really.

Being cool to me isn’t very hard, and it usually comes across in the first 5 or so minutes. But it really depends on what kind of cool we’re talking about here.

I run with several different crowds, and in most cases, people from one crowd are not people I’d want in the other, for the simple reason that when push comes to shove I don’t think they could keep their mouths shut.

Crowd one is just general friends crowd; to fit in here, all you really have to do is not be annoying, have a good sense of humor and know how to have a good time.

Crowd two is the drug crowd, people that I smoke with and people that I do generally stupid things with; you have to have a better sense of how to have a good time and how to be quiet. Keeping a cool head if shit goes down is real important. Being a good buisness man is also important, because if you’re doing a deal and you get shafted, being smooth and being professional and buisness like will get you what you want how you want it. Police are also an issue, so keeping that cool head can help keep you out of real trouble. To be cool here you have to be open minded and not stuck up.

Crowd three is the mix, and whats important here is the keeping quiet part. Not everybody is down with getting stoned or whatever, and then there are a select few that take it upon themselves to tell others, namely those pesky school resource officers and teachers and what not, so being keen on whose who and what they do is important. Just act right, be funny and have a good time and it’ll be just fine.

To back up a bit, I know it sounds real spy like and stuff, but it really isnt. It’s just knowing whose who and what they do, and knowing how to feel people out.

The one big thing that goes for everything is know how to treat people. Don’t be an ass for no reason, and just have fun. Be nice to people, and they’ll be nice back, unless they’re not really nice at all, in which case people won’t hang out with you.

<li> Talks to me/gives me the time of day, or however that phrase goes.
<li> Isnt talking to me just to sell me something.

That’s pretty easy to answer.

Don’t be pretentious.

Don’t be a prude.

Don’t be angry and rude.

Do be understanding.

lets do that in poem form.

<center>Dont be pretentious
Dont be a prude
Dont be angry, an asshole, and rude</center>

The words “cool”, “in”, and “popular” have never really been in my vocabulary. I just don’t care so much as to what other people think. Even in high school, I was kinda considered a “geek” and a “teacher’s pet”, and you know what? I liked it and didn’t care as to what other people thought. If you ask me, the “popular people” were all in dentention most of the time anyway. I don’t think that’s “cool”

Well as long as they’re open-minded, aren’t annoying, can stand my occasional bouts of insanity and mood-swings without being freaked out and wouldn’t be embarrased if I do something stupid and/or attention grabbing in public, then they’re ok with me.

They actually put people in detention in your school? Wow, that’s leaps and bouns ahead of my school.

It mainly has to do with a good sense of humor and being generally open-minded to me. I don’t like it when people judge others before knowing them, though everybody tends to do that sometimes. Cool people are those you’re comfortable with and those you won’t feel judged by for who you are. I’ve always been in the neutral kind of people at school anyway, so I don’t really know what it is. Nobody thought I was particularly cool, but nobody hated me or made fun of me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone who tolerates me is allright by my book. I have no checklist for who I consider cool. ^^

As long as they don’t throw accusations at me after not having said a word to me in three years, they’re cool. I wont say any names of people who do this. Oh wait, yes I will. It’s Jango. I fucking hate you Jango :smiley:

But seriously >>;

I don’t think any traits work on their own. I think there has to be a good combination. Like sorc for example. He’s the biggest jackass EVER. But he’s high-larious when he does it, and he’s really insightful most of the time too. As long as it’s not me he’s bitching at, he’s the coolest guy ever :stuck_out_tongue:

And like Ez, he may be a 9 year old from Calgary, but he’s still a cool guy!

And like SG. He wrote a song called Neo Perpetuaton, which totally rips off the overworld theme in Final Fantasy VI. But he composes midis that make me laugh until I cry, and he’s hardcore at Megaman, so he’s rawsome.

And like Maz. He may SUCK at Starcraft, but he makes up for it by pretending to be the next Buddha!

Zeppelin masturbates with his left hand, but then, so do I! Ha ha ha :stuck_out_tongue: Zepp’s a good man.

The only person who has absolutely NO flaws whatsoever is Sephirtoh Katana. I’m sorry, but he’s invincible at everything. He is better than you. YOU, specifically. I’m talking to you, the reader. You may not think I’m talking to you specifically, but I am. SK is better than you.

Well, for me…The only thing that makes a person cool/alright in my book is…err…if they’re not a moron or don’t have double standards. Although there are plenty of morons who’re fun to hang around just to laugh at them. :stuck_out_tongue:

what about me? say somthing about me.

Charlemagne’s so insane that sometimes I wonder if he’s capable of talking on a serious level at all. He also makes jokes at Nessa’s expense which I laugh at, HARD, also at her expense, because she’s often so annoying that I can’t feel pity for her. I love you Char.

AHAHAHAHAHAA s’funny cuz its true. I love you pooo

It doesn’t take much to be in my cool in my book you just got to be:

2.Not annoying
3.Open minded

Ok, hades, lay it on me. Say something about me.

I dare you ;p

I already did :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, you did.

And I am not the biggest jack ass EVER…

And you’re right, SK is better than me. At everything. I’m not ashamed to deny it either :o