What do you think?

here you go (Maybe old, but i dont care)

Wasn’t that the image that was just a fake thing?

Maybe , all i can say is that I did not fake it…

Sorry, it’s fake. I saw an article on it at another RPG site. 8(

If it were real, it probably wouldn’t be so zoomed out.

But an interesting note. A working title for SaGa Frontier was Romancing SaGa 4. In fact you can see such a screen in the Essence of SaGa Frontier (A Japanese guide thing) But of course obviously it was not that fake image you see up in the link. But ah well.

I heard similar things from my Japanese friends about Unlimited SaGa…like, that it was gonna be on PSX maybe, and that it was gonna be called SaGa Frontier 3. I don’t know how true it is, but I remember I heard about that way long ago, just before Unlimited SaGa was announced.

I’d love to get a new Old-School SaGa Game. Something Like RS2/3 on a next Generation

Console, Unlimited SaGa wasn’t that good at all…

I’d like to see some older SaGa styles myself. Especially the GB SaGas remade to PS level at least. However as for Unlimited SaGa I still think it’s one of the better games out there, but that was mainly because it was the change I was looking for. Heh BT Ver 8 and Shocking Space alone made me want the game. I’m a music addict sometimes.

hmm a SaGa game in FFX graphic was nice, although i think it could lose its charme, and because your music-thingy… I already bought games for the same reason :slight_smile:

I was thinking more along the lines of looking like say SaGa Frontier or SaGa Frontier 2 in terms of graphics.

well graphics aren’t that important… i would play games in NES styles, old school

still rocks… but little face-lift was nice…

Nes Style would be okay too. Just being able to play the games on console with more memory for more stuff to do would be fine.

I don’t think graphics would lose a game’s charm. Especially if a SaGa game was done entirely with that sketch motion stuff like they did in the intro (Where it’s 3D but it looks like 2D, that’s awesome).

Personally though, I think there is one big problem with Unlimited SaGa’s soundtrack. I have it, and a lot of the songs are really good. The big problem is, DURING the game…you hear only the most boring crappy tracks most of the time. Battle 1 gets old really fast cos it’s too calm, The character themes are good until you’ve heard them a million times, cos they’re more long drawn out than Ito’s character themes, and most of the commonly heard dungeon themes are like 1 minute loops, and you’re in there for like, what, 30-60 minutes? Longer if you fail to complete the area. :stuck_out_tongue: So, you never hear most of the good tracks in the game, which is really just plain unfortunate. Uh, and btw what song is “Shocking Space?” I have all my songs ID3’ed properly and have no song called shocking space. :stuck_out_tongue:

What i did not like in U-SaGa was the missing freedom, like exploring towns and dungeons

on your own, not on some kind of map (reminds me of Monopoly)

Shocking Space is Ruby’s final boss tune. The personal final boss tune that is. At least that’s what an MP3 calls it. I still need to get around to getting video game OSTs. I’ve bee doing the anime ones first. Which I’ve slowed down to get anime…

They can send SaGa on whatever platform they want just as long as the DON’T leave the game unsfinished as, say, RS3 or RS1