What do you think of Ace Combat?

I’m going to start 2 and 3 [recent editions to my collection] from tomorrow on, so how are they? I got into it by trying out 5 at my local games store, so it’s a case of the new spawning interest in the old.


I’ve only played the first one and that was…years ago, but it was a damn good game. I suspect its sequels are too.

Yeah, Ace Combat is a freaking good game. I highly recommend playing them all.

From what I read, everyone outside of Japan got ripped with Ace 3.

Namco took out the following.

  1. 4 different endings
  2. Branching storyline
  3. Your other lead characters
  4. Anime cutscenes
  5. Cool dialogue, quotes etc during loads
  6. All the story, basically
  7. Rena!!