What do you like to daydream about?

Come on, don’t deny it. We all fantasize every now and then. What I’d like to know is: what do you daydream about? It can be silly, sincere, I don’t care.

I’ll start off with one of my own examples. When I’m by my myself, and need to unwind, I imagine myself in a secluded forest. A forest with sunlight partially obscured by the numerous leaves sprawling from countless tree branches. A forest where the ponds are filled with crystal clear water. I’m all by myself, no one else is the forest. Not people, not animals, just me and a beautiful forest. If I really get into this daydream, it really does help me to relax.

Okay, I’ve provided my example. Let’s see yours now.

Being Goku

Being Hades imagining myself being Goku.

When ever i start daydreaming I think about Tetris Attck. In my head i just keep making moves and it gets pretty anoyying

I keep imagining Christopher Walken being on Dancing With The Stars.

I’m surprised no one’s mentioned “Standing on top of a mound of recently slain Uriels.” or “Having rough sex with a Norwegian sailor.” yet. Not that I would daydream about such things. Because I don’t.

Another daydream of mine is that a really cute girl will come out of nowhere and give me a hug, then after a seconds of embrace, she and I go our separate ways. It makes for a good pick me up.



Bad stuff.

I don’t usually daydream. I just make up stories in my head and play them out for a few days until I realize how lame the story is or until I get bored.

When I do daydream, I’m usually alone in a small town looking at the sunset. Quite peaceful.

Having rough sex with a Norwegian sailor, like my friend NBK. giggles like a Norwegian schoolgirlForests.

I’m not sure if this counts as a daydream, but I have the habit of imagining my own version of a song’s video when I listen to it. Usually, I try to explain the lyrics visually, in perfect synch to the tunes. For example, when I listen to Enya’s “Anywhere is” I imagine a guy who travels around the World, walking past by some beautiful landmarks, yet sad because he couldn’t convince his girlfriend to come along with him. This is different from the actual Anywhere Is video (which just has Enya singing around London) but seems more appropriate to me.

Fighting the raging legions of hell with flaming swords and spellcasting that make their heads explode into brainy piles of goo while saving a really hot guy from annihilation, and then we fight the raging legions of hell together. :slight_smile:

…or a peaceful Japanese garden scene at night. <.<; >.>

I daydream pretty much all day. Its something I’m trying get away from, because I get depressed when I spend too much time in my head.


hmm…when I day dream I enjoy creating stories in my head. Like have a world to escape to when I’ve had a pretty cruddy day. Sometimes I like to play with a story for a while, sometimes I drop that one and start a new one. Other times I like just painting a lovely picture in my head and seeing if I can remember it later. ^^

on a side note-yay for Wil mentioning Enya. I haven’t heard that in awhile, so I must go find some songs now.

I don’t daydream all that much, and when I do, it’s mostly of what you’d expect. Death, carnage and world domination. Or if I want to relax, I’ll daydream about streams and waterfalls. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as running water.

Being 984 imagining myself being Hades imagining myself being Goku.