What do you guys think of this?


I think that ti is fien since he isn’t saying for them to vote a certain way or seem to be targeting people who would normally vote for Democrats. It seems like he just wants people to go out and vote. Especially since colelge students have soem of teh lost voter turnout and it is mostly old people voting and the decisions amde don’t affect them as much as it will college sutednts who will lvie through the decisons made longer. Excuse my crappy typing.

Ya know, I really don’t see what the problem is with what he was doing.

Still that doesn’t change the fact that he was in effect ‘contracting’ the students to vote. Though not for any specific candidates. And apparently that is against the law in those parts.

Stupid law; law none the less. Moore should be more careful. I don’t want him to be locked away for political reasons. Hell, I even think the guy has his heart in the right place, I just think he runs too fast without watching where his feet are going.

Meanwhile, everyone here who can vote, should vote, and everyone who knows someone who can vote, should pressure them to vote. To be honest, I would rather hear that everyone on this baord was responsible for a presidential vote for Mickey Mouse than nothing at all. At least then, someone would see the ballot. A missing ballot does not tell anyone anything about anyones disdain, it only reaffirms the apathy hypothesis.

As if the Republicans aren’t doing the same.

So far, Republicans have accused Moore of:

-Lying about the war in Iraq
-Slicing footage of Bush in Fahrenheit 9/11
-Slandering Bush
-Being unpatriotic
-Being a Saddam sympathizer

Now there’s another one to tack on. To me, it seems like Republicans are making another random accusation against Moore in an attempt to get a lawsuit filed against him for making books and a movie that oppose President Bush in the first place.

That’s unbelievably stupid. It’s blatantly obvious that he was jokingly referencing common stereotypes about college students. The article itself admits as much when it says “gag prizes.”

Yeah. In fact, it’s kind of surprising Republicans thought he was being serious considering what he’s done in his movies. Remember opening random Canadians’ doors in Bowling for Columbine (That was just classy)?

I REALLY want to see this to go to trial. If only just to see the Republicans get slapped in the face.

God I love the GOP.

Better than Monty Python for comedy value?

Oh yes hell. Ann Coulter should join the circus. or SNL. They could do a set of her, Bill O-Reilly, Jerry Falwell and Rush Limbaugh. I’d watch it.