What do you do when you're bored?

Just curious, and bored myself…

Yeah… well, have fun, and stuff.

All of the above?..and other…and pie.

Spank the monkey.


If I’m tired of reading, I play video games. If I’m tired of playing video games, I read.

when ever i’m bored I come here. :moogle:

Read. Write. Draw. Kill.

Wildlife abuser!!!

Me? I masturbate.

Read, draw, or play video games. In that order. Oh yeah, I come here, too.

Draw draw and draw some more. If I get bored with drawing, I draw to pass time.

That sounds like me about a year ago.

Yeah TrkJac rocks!Im in awe to be in his royal majasties presance.I praise false gods in my spare time.thinks ( JK, jesus, JK. )In my spare time I do a bit of whatever the hell I want to do.Within my power, abilities, and limitations, of course.

You cannot have an adverb without a subject

Play videogames or go out somewhere.

Go drink some beers and play some Snooker. Hook up with my girlfriend and do stufff with her. Or combine both. or if I can’t do any of this then I’d play some videogames, idle in the chat, or post some random insanity in here or on sith.nl…

I listen to that one Deftones song.

I have some adult solo fun!

But not really.

If i am bored i read the book, “Gargantua and Pantagruel” by Francois Rabelais, a Renaissance period writer and wish he had written more than 1 book.

when I’m bored I draw when I have paper and pencil. If I’m stuck at school I take the personality quizzes and post non stop on certain boards. Sometimes I read, but I’m out of books at the moment.

I read RPG books when I’m bored. It may come in handy in some way.

Battle Meditation? :stuck_out_tongue: Nah, I just try to clear my mind or find something entertaining to do.

Play games, or read,

or maybe:

Read, or play games!