what do i do?

I’ve made a sprite, but when I tried to put it as my profile picture it says the image is too big. What do I do?

What program?

If you mean your avatar, then the image needs to be 150x150 pixels or less…I think.

I used MS paint. After I finished the avatar I tried to link it to the site but it said the image was too big.

Next question. How do I put up the avatar as a profile picture? I uploaded the avatar, but the picture doesn’t show.

Here it is. I made a recolor but it doesn’t show or maybe it’s my computer…

Most browsers don’t show bitmaps. Try saving it as a jpeg instead.

Yeah, also bmp is bigger than jpg so that must be the problem with uploading.

BTW, your profile image is the same as your avatar.

How do I make the bitmap file into a jpeg?

In any program, try clicking on “Save as”, then i nthe filetype list choose .jpg

In paint the jpg and gif options will only appear after the first time you use paint to open a file of that type.

I did that but there is still an “X” where the avatar should be. I’ll post it…

I did that but there is still an “X” where the avatar should be. I’ll post it…
is there an “X” or is it just my computer?

There’s an X.

try uploading it to nulani’s site and stuff.

nulani’s site?


Ok, I tried that but when I go to check it, i see a black screen and my avatar isn’t there!!! i think it was… http://uploads.nulani.net/uploads/gol.jpg

Maybe there’s already a pic by that name in the server. Try renaming your pic. Or send it to my email, then I’ll edit it for avvie and upload it to geocities.

I made the avatar/pic/sprite on my paint program. Ren, I went to “save as” and i did not see a list. it just said to name the pic/avatar/sprite, no where did it say file type.

Have you mailed it to me already?