What did you do for Mother's Day?

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Thanks for reminding me…

Same here:hmm:

Mothers… Day…?
Forgot about it too…^^;;

My dad, sister, and I all got my mom cards as well as a ring with all of our birthstones in it. She was really suprised, she thought we got it for Christmas.

I took my mom to a movie, a mighty wind.

We cleaned…

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<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I played Ragnarok Online, hung around in the chat, visited the boards, caught up with my comics and manga releases from the past week (stupid RO) and I took a shower.

Basically thats it. It’s mothers day?

Cooked breakfast from scratch (super-duper fluffy pancakes), did the laundry, and will probably be going out to eat somewheres later. :slight_smile:

Luv ya, mum!:wave:

I’m gonna be making her a music video in the near future.

Gave her a pillow; I don’t like playing the game, but I know when it’s beneficial to.

I bought my mom a copy of “The Banger Sisters”. And I’m also going to get her a souveneir from Disneyworld when I get back next week.

I went to a German luau with her. It was… interesting, to say the least. ;D Great German food, and half-German, half-Hawaiian dancers.

Oh, and I also got her a yummy cake, and a card. Too bad she’s sick, or she might’ve enjoyed the day more. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure I’ve never gave her anything great for Mother’s Day =(, im such a putz. Well i might have made a big card thingy with lots of stickers and some pics of penguins(her favorite animal or bird), though that was long time ago. Well all we did was go to a special restaurant :wink: mcdonalds, closest thing to the theater with decent food since the X2 was gonna start in about half hour or so. I don’t get out much ^ _ ^; so i asked if we could go to barnes and noble, its sad all we did was hang in the cd section. Oh i also requested the trigun fan guides drool and got 5 cds: underworld’s beaucoup fish, more mortal kombat soundtrack, vast’s music for the people, and massive attack’s mezzanine, and the swan princess soundtrack. The swan princess soundtrack has a song by the j-pop(?) group, dreams come true, i remember liking both the swan princess movie and that song. I guess i could consider my mom picking up jamiroquai’s synkronized cd as a 6th cd for me, but she got it since theres this new song maybe not even on the cd that she likes.

I really am a putz, but i don’t know what to get her. She loves jewelry though and i had good luck in finding some nice earrings for christmas for her so. Her birthdays coming up as well on the 30th, i better think soon, doh.

3 of my mom’s four brothers came over and we had a big family party. It was also my mom’s 50th b-day last friday, so we celebrated that too. One of my uncles bought my grandma a new car. Well it is a used '99 something or another, but her current car was an '87 what-not. I was going to get that when she bought a new car and moved in with us, but since my cousin (5 years older then me) recently had his car die on him, he got her car. All i can say is shucks.

Gave her some raspberry starts, did some yard work for her… got her white carpet dirtry with mud from the yard…

Was good up until the carpet part.