What did you do for Mother's Day?

I pretty much made her a paper-mache(sp?) snack bowl. All it needs is some gesso and spray, and it’ll be good.
I made pancakes too, but she was too sick and tired to eat.

Mother’s day in Sweden is the last Sunday of May, so we still have time to think of something.

I told my mother happy mothers day, I haven’t anything to make her, or no money to buy her anything.

I called in a song for my mother and grandmother to a polka program (radio) they always listen to . They didn’t have Dancing in the Tulips (a polka…they lied though. I know they have it. They’ve played it at my request before…they must’ve looked up the wrong song), so they played an oberek (lacking an accent mark) instead (it’s somewhere in-between a polka and a waltz in speed…3/4 time). I’m still at college, so there’s not much else I can do, really.

Hired her a stripper.

seriously, I just told Mom I loved her, and am currently making here a turkey dinner, complete with stuffing, potatoes, the works. And now, it’s time to baste.

I got my mom some of her favorite food from one of the best brands, chocolate from Godiva. I also got her a bookmark, and I made her a card that has origami hearts that form a flower glued on.
We might be going to see a movie, at which I will pay for the drinks and popcorn.

I took my mom out to brunch. Well technically she took us there because I can’t drive, but I payed.

Yeah, we’re going to a banquet as well.

Hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day.

all i really did was buy her a card and a box of her favorite candy, as i couldn’t do anything too spectacular.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I played Ragnarok Online, hung around in the chat, visited the boards, caught up with my comics and manga releases from the past week (stupid RO) and I took a shower.

I’m BBQing a turkey tonight for my mom and her mom.

Thanks for reminding me…

Tss, Curtis… How can you forget something like that? cough hides calendar and red marker

I am going with my mother to a plant sale held on the campus of my university. I will buy her a plant or two.

Edit: I bought her three in the end.

I celebrated my birthday…

oh, and I called her on the phone (I live a few hours drive from her, so theres not much else I can do, but we talked for a while.)

I made her breakfast and promised not to crash her car.

Made her pancakes, bought a card, bought a ring. She was happy.

M’s Day isn’t a giant thing around here…

I got her two charms, a homemade card, and a breakfast. Oh, and I decided to promise that I wouldn’t hit the car against anything today (it took five minutes to break that promise).

and that’s why one never makes any sort of “driving” promise on mother’s day.

Mothers’ Day was created by the greeting card industry to bring in more sales, so I don’t celebrate it. That and i’m a cheap-ass.

Actually, the reason I moved back to Lafayette was to help my parents out, so i’m pretty sure they’re not too upset by my not doing anything ultra-special.