What are YOU dressing up as?

I’m going as Rincewind, from Discworld. I just put the finishes touches on my wizzard hat.

I’m going as Neo. You know, from the Matrix?

YOUR MAMMA. Heh, that’s funny see, 'cause it makes fun of your mother. Get it? Hah, hah?
Well, actually I’m not. I’m not dressing up at all.

I’m going as a cat girl! (See explanation on my halloween thread)

A sixteen year old boy with a ponytail.

I haven’t dressed up <i>since</i> I was 12. So I guess I’m a cranky teenage still dressed in her jammies :open_mouth:

See avatar. See photo thread a few months back for an earlier shot of said costume

Tohya Miho from Megatokyo… her hairstyle is fun

I’m going as my avatar! Just kidding. I’m not going in costume at all because I have no money! ;_;

I am just going to get some screaming preschoolers and call myself birth control. =)


Good show, that man.

Who is that guy? He reminds me of the scientist dude from the Nuku Nuku OAV…OVA…I don’t know which one is which…

And don’t forget kiro, when out trick 'r treating, watch out for the following people: Iz in a van with candy, or a person with a strange obsession with anime and 11 year olds.

You could always just be Crazy Protractor Beard. :wink:

No. No no no no no.

Morgan Freeman

He’s from Sailor Moon.

I could probably pass myself off as a werewolf if I absolutely had to… I haven’t shaved since August.


Martha Stuart in her current environment.