What are you doing for your summer vacation?

I’m going to take a trip to Mystic, CT (which is the town right next to where I used to live in like… seventh grade) with my girlfriend.

Specifically I’m going to the Mystic Aquarium the Mystic Seaport , and maybe a beach or two. We’re also going to go to the Bronx Zoo (which is nearer to where I live). It’s going to be an awesome trip!

So- what about you guys?

Spain. Barcelona. Two weeks. June.
Achill Island. Ireland. Two weeks. July/August.
That is all.

-get a job
-jam with friends
-get a job
-see metal shows
-get a job
-get intoxicated
-hmmmm oh yeah, get a job!

Phooey! What about the World Famous San Diego Zoo!!

Anyway, I have a summer job. Going to Comicon, maybe Herst Castle, camping, beach, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and some other stuff. It’s all really close to my where I live, too!(I Love San Diego!)

…I live in New York. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im going to he land down under for 2 weeks. Its with our church, but u can still have fun though. I’m just going to hate the long plane ride there. Like 14 hours from california.

Job hunting/working if I can get a job…

Welcome to Australia mate! (In advance)


Hmm, I will probably keep studying for the summer. What’s so good about it is that in Sweden, we get money for studying, so I’ll keep getting money during the summer. Yay for me!

I dont get a summer vacation - I have to work =)

Real men have summer at christmas time!

  • Trying to get a job

  • Hangin’ out with my pals

  • Taking my last two GE courses (Fucking finally)

  • Getting my ass into San José State University

  • Going to an arts festival :smiley:

  • Hopefully going to Evolution 2005 (Big fighting game tourney in America) to compete in the tourneys for Street Fighter 2 and Capcom Fighting Evolution.

job hunting


video games

finish getting back into Southwest Missouri State University

get a real internet connection again

Quit smoking.
Get laid a lot.
Try a few new drugs.
Quit smoking.
Get a job.
Pay off silly fines.
Get laid a lot.

Get a job most likely, but Summer doesn’t start until December for me.

What’s this summer vacation shit? I’d rather have a vacation <i>from</i> summer. It’s already hitting 120, 100 in the shade. That and the camel spiders and the scorpions and the birds and the mosquitos and the really sharp plants and dust, oh dear god the dust.

On a better note, Emperor Scorpions kick camel spider ass, and I mean like hardcore. It took 4 camel spiders in a row to kill one scorpion, and thats just cause the scorpion ran out of venom.

Study so I don’t have to work. =P Curse at the heat and the sun a whole lot and get a visit from a friend I haven’t seen since February 2004. Possibly go somewhere on a last minute ticket, but it’s barely even an idea at this stage. Mostly I’ll spend my time adjusting to living with another person after my long months of peace and quiet, I assume. =P And cursing at the sun.

  • Finish the darn service. (8th July.)
  • Visit TD the following week
  • Work, work, work. (So I won’t have to think about studying.)
  • Enjoy the beautiful summer (Preferably by sports.)

thanx(inadvance…wait…nvm) I love places that welcome u to their place, like the ice cream parlor downtown, Its funny they always say welcome to the country parlor, and i dont mean just one worker there, all of them!!! Its scary if u are non social.

Decided. I’m going to Malta. And you can’t stop me!