What Are Some of the Computer Game Mods to Recreate Older Games

I am wondering what type of computer game mods are avaiable that recreate olders game? I know of one for Half-Life 2 to recreate Half-Life 1 and Golden Eye and one for Jedi Academy to create Dark Forces. Are there any other cool ones for other computer games?

There’s a Marathon: Source mod in production for HL2, but that’s going to take a while to make.

If you like Baldur’s Gate 2, there’s about as much MOD material to pretty much duplicate and even triplicate the game’s length. And it’s well-written majorly bug-free too, if you are interested.

Woh, where is that Baldur’s Gate 2 mod?

Why is that nobody replies to my threads when I make them?

The offer is still up, I can walk you trough what you should install depending on how much of the game you’ve played.

Because frankly my dear, no body likes you!

I want to see a nethack mod for Baldur’s Gate. I think it would be cool. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Eden, you just broke my heart.

I’ve seen the words “nethack” “mod” and “BG” pup up in the same sentence once or twice in the modding forums, but nobody ever really tried to do anything about it. I’ll let you know if anything happens with that.

There’s a Quest for Glory mod for Never Winter Nights…

Well, if you thought of a more interesting title, like “free pizza and video games ITT” then you might get more of a responce


I’ll prolly have to get my hands on the Marathon: Source thing. Got a link to that?