What are some good Ghibli style animes?

Anything thats like Hayo Miyazaki or other Ghibli staff but not Hayo Miyazaki or Ghibli. And don’t recommend any crappy kodomo.

Similar in art style, or in plot or theme? Also, what do you mean by “crappy kodomo” (I am aware that kodomo means child/children)?


How about Tokyo Godfathers? Although it lacks the fantasy elements, it has an excellent plot and it’s a work of art.

You’d have to define what you really like about Ghibli before I’d feel really comfortable recommending anything. When I think Ghibli, I think art, plot, fantasy…

the themes and undertones found in Ghibli, maybe something similar to Grave of The Fireflies.

Hoo, don’t set the bar too high! Grave of the Fireflies is a hard act to follow.

You might like Kino’s Journey. It’s a short series, of about 15 episodes (if I remember correctly), thought provoking, brutal in places and very beautiful overall.

I’ll stick with Tokyo Godfathers too. It’s an odd tale, but worth watching.

Also, Millenium Actress, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Please let me know if you liked any of the above. Also, if you have any recommendations, I’d love to watch them. I’m always on the look-out for good anime.

I haven’t seen Grave of the Fireflies, but I’ve read about it. I don’t see it as being Ghibli-esque in the least. One of the main aspects of Ghibli anime is its optimism. Grave of the Fireflies is just plain depressing.

If by “Anything thats like Hayo Miyazaki or other Ghibli staff but not Hayo Miyazaki or Ghibli. And don’t recommend any crappy kodomo.” you mean something that looks great, actually uses characters and plot points beyond typical anime cliche (and sometimes atypical), and is not something you have seen before and/or a different flavor than the one found in a Ghibli film, then perhaps I might be able to help you.

So ok. I’ll bite this time. The two anime movies I would recommend to someone looking for anime of the afore mentioned qualifications would be. Metropolis and The Place Promised in Our Early Days. I might also suggest watching Voices of a Distant Star (though I haven’t watched that one yet also done by the same guy as the one previously mentioned) and BlackJack (though done by the same guy as the first one mentioned also I would recommend reading the manga first because the movie does little to fill in the backstory blanks).

Hopefully these recommendations should slate your hunger for anime of the afore mentioned qualifications.

Yet Ghibli did indeed produce it. I see it as a tribute to all the voiceless victims of WW2, and it can be viewed as optimistic. By giving them a memory, Ghibli is giving their souls a chance for rest.

That’s interesting. I generally conflate Miyazaki with Ghibli… I wasn’t aware they did anything without him.

I guess it’s possible to see optimism in anything. Personally, it looks incredibly depressing to me.

The mention of Kino’s Journey leads me to recomend Mushishi as they are fairly similar. Episodic stories following a travelling main character who mainly observes the wonders of the world they live in, although Mushishi’s main character is, by proffession, generally more proactive. There’s little in the way of action, but if you’re looking for a slightly mysterious and leisurely-paced show, Mushishi is a good bet.