What an awful day ;.;

Just this afternoon, I learn that my grandmother, whom was paralysed for nearly two years due to strokes, has passed away today. So for those I regurlarly talk with on AIM and MSN, I obviously won’t be around for the weekend.

Just last week, she suffered two strokes… she was 92 yrs old ;.;

Anyways, see you all by next week or weekend.

Sorry to hear that, man.

I’m sorry for you loss. Don’t worry about us here, deal with life first.

yeah, I’m sorry DG, good luck with dealing with it.

Makes my little issues seem petty. Not that them being petty is going to effect how I feel. I’m really sorry to hear that, you’re a stronger man then I. I could honestly say that if my grandmother were to pass on I wouldn’t leave my bed for days.

That sucks, DG :\

I’m really sorry to hear about your loss.

Dude, that really fucking sucks. Take all the time you need.

I kind of know how it feels since my granpa is bedwritten and is not going to last very long.Very sorry about the loss DG

Augh, that fucking sucks DG. You have my condoleances.

A sad occurence, and I offer my condolences, DG. Take your time.

Take care DG, and yes, today has sucked.

Wow, 92, what an age to live to.

To continue the sentiment: That sucks.

My condolences man.

My condolences.

I don’t think I can say anything that hasn’t already been said. Just…sorry, dude. :too bad;

Be well.

I’m sorry to hear that DG, that really sucks. Hope you feel better soon.

As someone who recently lost two aunts (precisely, due to brain strokes) I know all too well how you feel.

Take all the time you need to deal with it. And know you have all our support.

Sorry, DG. My condolences as well.

Thanks everyone for your kind words, the coffin was locked this morning… I’ll be home(study place) tommorow at noon. I cried a bit as they were carrying the coffin to the church… I’ll miss my grandmother greatly, but at least she’s in a much better situation and place now…