What a sweet sweet deal !!


Shadow Hearts II(Named Covenant out here…(Midway = Idiots)) and Shadow Hearts… two great Horror-RPGs for PS2… Much, MUCH better than the latest FF/Squeenix installments. <.<

I am SO doing that =O Two games for the price of one, hell yeah ! Now, all I need is a PS2 <.< >.>

Wasn’t Shadow Hearts considered the “sequel” to Koudelka at one point (Sequel being very liberal as there’s no Koudelka, Edward nor James).

I’d play the game a bit before you make that assumption, and if you have, you haven’t played it far enough.

It’s not considered, it IS. It’s in the same deformed world as Koudelka’s in the same…well, awhile after the same time period, so yeah…there!

ooh, now you’ve gotten me interested. I’m replaying Koudelka at the moment and didn’t think it was a direct sequel…

Can’t wait to see if James’s in it, and if he’s still the overzealous prick he was in the first game.

EDIT :DG, where is that preorder thingy?

…Wish I had rented Koudelka before I played through Shadow Hearts. It’s…a bit more easier to see the whole picture if you know what I mean. Bah, it’s fine now I guess.

Word to the Wise: Don’t go into Shadow Hearts like some would go into FFX-2; expecting the same out of a sequel that you found in the original leads to great expectation, and thus prime disappointments. From what I’ve heard, many a disgruntled fan hasn’t liked Shadow Hearts because it diffrentiates from Koudelka so much. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t play Koudelka before hand.

Shadow Hearts is a good game nonetheless, just not a really great one.

My friend just told me about this deal. Very nice indeed. Now, if the U.S. getting all the great extras that come with Japanese games, I’d be a lot sweeter.

What do you mean?

Oh, yeah, nevermind.

Koudelka IS in Shadow Hearts. She’s the mother of one of the characters, even.

I really should get around to getting through the rest of Koudelka, It’s a pretty good game, definately not one of the greatest though.