What a great way to start off the christmas break

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lmao. You don’t care enough to know who I am, but then again, I don’t care enough to know who you are, so I guess it works out in the end, doesn’t it? But then again, you obviously care somewhat, cause you wasted your time posting in my thread.

Oh! Oh! Lets argue! Come on! :yipee:

My flu just got over with, thank god.
Still need braces tho. pokes at her Letterman teeth

Ugh, the flu’s horrible aswell. I had to postpone my surgery because of it, actually, and I still had the flu when I got them taken out. Not very enjoyable at all.

This is the Internet, nothing ever happens on the Internet.

And my wisdom teeth aren’t giving me any problems. I’m not even sure that I have any wisdom teeth, but some are very recent.

Suposadly my own wisdom teeth are still locked in my jaw bone. So not only do I have to suffer with slightly imperfect teeth (not all that bad, they kinda add character ^^) but my mom won’t even consider getting my braces (which I don’t even want but SHE wants me to get them) untill I have my wisdom teeth pulled, which means I would have braces in university ._.;;;

On a side note, my grandma has perfect teeth and wisdom teeth :stuck_out_tongue: She’s never even had a single cavity. I envy her so much.


I’ve got a cold, which blows…

I dunno, I used to get grounded before christmas a lot. One time I got grounded for forging signatures on report cards, that blew. But I was in 4th grade, so whatever. When I was 10 I got busted for porn halfway through december, so I couldn’t play with all my cool shit. That blew big ole chunks.

I got my lower wisdom teeth yanked out about a year ago since they were in really bad shape and gave me terrible headaches. I’m glad I don’t have to put up with them anymore. =\

Next year (around my birthday) I get my wisdom teeth pulled AND I get braces. Talk about fun. :eek:

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False, some people are born without them, I’d say thats pretty perfect

Uhhh… Nobody’s born with 'em. They grow in later in life.

I will never have wisdom teeth ^^

I had mine out in august. Yeah It was fun. I looked like a fucked up Squirrel :stuck_out_tongue: