Western game

Old west themed game adapted from 3e rules

any takers? Mudcap and a couple other people are gonna be playing

its gonna be a lot like the American old west, but with EVEN MORE control of everything by the church (of a god who made humanity believe that he is the only one and that the other gods are his ‘angels’)

a typical revolver will have stats like 1d8 damage with a 19-20 x4 crit and the inability to enchant a gun to imbue the bullets like other ranged weapons (though you can enchant the bullets themselves at a price…)

magic will be forbidden by the church except for ‘divine magic’ … by their interpretation… they have many wizards and sorcerors but because they work for them their magic is called ‘divine’ and the divine magic of the other tribes (for simplicity the tribal spellcasters are druids and rangers, however inaccurate that may be)

of course the fact that magic is forbidden will just make you all want to play wizards :slight_smile:

Hm… I may be interested. I just recently learned the basics of 3e.
I’ll get back to you on this with my character sheet.

you might want to talk to me a bit on it though for specifics n junk :slight_smile: Im gonna be in the chat in #adnd2 if anybody wants to talk to me

Is it going to be in the Free RP forum or via chat? If it’s in the forum I can play.

I’m thinking of being an indian. A shaman. Just to get some fuss on the church :mwahaha:

itll prolly be in the chat

RPing on forums isnt fast paced enough

I’ll join if I ever learn 3e… Now I wish I knew it…

Why are you so worried about 3e rules, you want to play a wild west style game with guns, that has nothing to do with DnD, if you want to rp just rp, even the 2nd edition games on #adnd barely make use of the rules. The DMs know what they’re doing, and they make the game interesting without resorting to constant dice rolling.

RPing is about having fun, if you don’t know the rules then just rp, and when it comes to a fight tell another player who does know the rules what you want to do and ask him to post your action for you, most of our players don’t actually know the second edition rules very well if at all, it doesn’t stop us from playing.

heh, I like using the numbers better :slight_smile:

plus I have a script for rigged dice rolls (as opposed to the normal dice script) that comes in handy for freestyle RPing during sessions :slight_smile:

BTW 3e is insanely easy to learn, if you play 2nd edition you can get 3e in a minute or 2

of course 2nd edition makes a much better western game (the rules fit a lot better) and is better in general I think Ill run it in 3e for simplicity

Would this two minutes include money? Cause I don’t got none.

There’s the P-Handbook.

this game is gonna be started up really soon

official signups are being accepted now…

Where could I find 3e Character Sheets?

I would preffer if you just gave me the info in a text document so that I can have it

How are you gonna work with the classes and whatnot?

what do you mean?

anybody who wants to make a character can meet me in #adnd2 on the RPGC server any time today

heh this is gonna be good. Don’t worry about the rules to much, 3e is basically DnD made simple. I understand the rules for 2e are better though.

Hmm… I wonder if it is coincidental that my players talked me into boosting the tech level of my campaign to approximate 1850’s… Heh.