I changed my avatar mere seconds before this was posted. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Edit: If anyone wants to wager how long before the video shows up on youtube, I’m game.

You’re stupid

Steve you’re stupider.

Vicious circle time.

Pierson your avatar reminds me of crying children and sweaty old men (you watch anime [therefore pedophile])
Stop crapping on my thread :frowning:

Pierson returns from the bowels of hell to defend me from Steve!

The existence of this thread is demonstration that nothing good comes from the execution that resulted from the joke of a trial he underwent.

Judge: Are you Merlin?

Merlin: Yes

Judge: Were you born on 28 April, 1937?

Merlin: Yes

Judge: Are you the former president of RPGC?

Merlin: I am the current president of RPGC

Judge: Were you leader of the Staff and head of the shrining forces?

Merlin: Yes. Can you introduce yourself?

Judge: I am the judge of the investigative court

Merlin: Do you represent the RPGWorld coalition?

Judge: I represent the Agora people … You have the right to examine witnesses and documents

Merlin: Everyone here knows this is a theatre carried out by Sinistral the criminal to win the election

Judge: You are charged with seven crimes [Lists them, ending with invasion of RPGWorld]

Merlin: How can you charge me with this? You are an Agoran and everyone knows RPGWorld is part of RPGC

Judge: This is not a trial. I am a prosecuting judge investigating

Merlin: I carried out these acts in my capacity as president of RPGC

Judge: You have a right to defence attorneys

Merlin: According to the Agorans I have millions of dollars in Geneva so I should be able to afford one

Judge: Do you have anything else to say?

Merlin: In RPGWorld I was defending the Agoran people from those RPGWorld dogs who wanted to turn their women in to 10-dollar prostitutes

Judge: Do not use that language in this court. Will you now sign this document listing your rights?

Merlin: No

Judge: Let it be recorded that he has not signed. You are dismissed from the court.

Viva la Raza!

And you know Pierson, that’s pretty damn close to what happened with the rebellion and Jim many years ago.

Dubya was also named hero of the year in the same poll.