This is around the time Wellstone’s plane crash happened last year. According to Jewish tradition, this is the end of the mourning period. I went to a presentation on Paul and Sheila Welstone today. I never realized how good of a guy he really was. The whole thing was really depressing. The fact that someone like him doesn’t exist in the senate or politics at all is a real loss. When he was in the lower rungs of politics he took off one night to watch a video store for some mhong couple so they could have dinner together. Anyway, the video is still in production that I saw. You can go get more information on the video along with Paul and Sheila at www.carryitforward.org

Yeah, politicians like him are a rarity. In his home state, he got people who weren’t on his political side to vote for him simply due to his charisma and earnestness. Likewise, it appears that his ideological opponents in the Senate grew to respect him for it, as well.

too bad conservatives had to use his death for political gain.