Well this is interesting... (Another news post)

I wonder what the ramifications of such would be?


So. Since domains are to be treated as plots of land, can I build a house on mine? It’s a lot cheaper than having to buy one in the real world, a lot more efficient too since I’ll be able to access it from everywhere. Not to mention that the address would be cooler than any in the real world.

The only thing I have to say is … 65 MILLION DOLLARS???

For me it sounds like those guys are fighting for the possession of a whorehouse :fungah:

And I’ll quote Sin on the value of the law suit stuff

Wow, dont these people have anything better to do with their time (and money)?

Well teh guy had a legitimate case, he shoudl ahve asked for the domain back earlier thoguh… Hmmm

But if this goes through, I think RPGC could sue the AllWebCo (or whatever the webserver is, meh) methinks.