Well Since Other People Are Doing It..

I thought I’d post some of my sketches for you all to see…it seems scanner quality really reduces shading sometimes and you can see that in my pics.Also, they are very cut off because most of my pics were too big to scan.I’d appreciate some feedback…negative, positive, I wont be bothered by them, I just wanna know everyone else’s interpretation.:smiley:


This is Edea from FF8 (duh) I did when I was 15 (last summer)


Mirai Trunks…from back in the day when I was obsessed with this show…

Joey & Kaiba

Joey and Seto Kaiba from Yu Gi Oh.Again I apologize, this is closely cropped.

Trunks again

The best picture I figure of Trunks that I have drawn, it was also my first.


A creepy close up of Squall from FF8…

Squall & Rinoa

I drew this one really fast and didn’t spend much time on details…but I still like it…

Anyways, enjoy (or not)!:wink:

I like the Squall ones ^___^



Okay, seriously :stuck_out_tongue: I DO like the close-up of Squall - you caught a lot of his emotions just in his eyes, which is pretty clever ^^

I also like the Trunks ones :slight_smile: I’m no DBZ fan, but your pics of him are great.

These are cool! I really like the sketchs of… all of them! they are so good! :slight_smile:

Edea: Very nice, use fingers or an eraser to smudge the pencil marks. It works :slight_smile:

Trunks: Center one is excellent, but the top left could use some eye work and the top right seems a little weird.

Joey: I don’t know who these characters are, so I can’t judge on accuracy :stuck_out_tongue: However, the top right one’s right eye seems a bit weird. Very nice shading though.

Trunks 2: Very nice work, esp. on the hands. Right thumb a bit big though?

Squall: Very creepy indeed :stuck_out_tongue: Nice work on the eyes.

Squall and Rinoa: Nice work on Squall’s coat. Frock a little high though, makes him look sorta like a hunchback :stuck_out_tongue:

The second Trunks is by far the best. On the first, as Cless said, the Trunks on the right looks a little wierd. On the close up of Squall, FANTASTIC work on the eyes. Overall, good job, Eva.

Oh, Trunks, God, how I loved you.

I like the Squall and Trunks ones too. The sketch of Joey is the most accurate out of them all, but Kaiba’s mouth is a bit high.

to me, they’re all good…

You have interesting shading effects, on the Edea one it almost looks like a copper stitch(?) with the lines doing the work. Neat-o!

Ahh thank you guys, especially Cless with the helpful critisism =D I need all the tips I can get to make my drawings good and flawless( as if that could ever happen though ;_:wink: I’ll keep everything in mind next time I draw, though I have a bit of a…sketcher’s block right now. I can’t draw anything decent.

Wow, Eva, these rock…wails Why can’t I draw, dammit?!

Psst…I’ll pay you to draw a Vincent pic…lol

Sure, I’ll try to draw one and scan it sometime this week.

:smiley: Yay! Thank you so much! You rock!

I like them all, but especially the Joey/Kaiba one… I’m YGO obsessive -.-;