Well, less than 2 weeks left until the next generation is in full swing

At least for you fucking Americans. Fuck you guys. Anyway, I was wondering who was getting what consoles/games here? Actually I wasn’t but I need to type out my shopping list so I don’t forget anything come December 8th.

First off, I’m grabbing a Wii. Obviously. I’ll also pick up Wii Play (which comes with a Wiimote) and an extra nunchuck, possibly 2 classic controller shells. After that come the real games for me, namely Zelda: Twilight Princess and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. If it’s available I’m also getting Elebits, though I don’t know why. And I’m kind of on the fence about getting Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz and Metal Slug Anthology, mainly because I never played either series but they’re apparently awesome and I want some variety in there.

So to sum it up:

Nintendo Wii + Wii Sports: €250
Wii Play: €60
Zelda: Twilight Princess €60
Trauma Center: Second Opinion: €60
Elebits: €60
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz: €60
Metal Slug Anthology: €60
Nunchuck: €20
Classic Controller Shell x2: €40

So that’s €670 total if I get everything, though I think I have the prices wrong on half the games but that’s the absolute highest it’ll be. So yeah. I’m glad I saved up.

I’m getting absolutely nothing. Seriously, I’ve bought so many games in the last few months that playing and replaying them will give me enough entertainment for the next half year. If I do want something new, I’ll pick up an NDS and try out Zelda, Castlevania, FF3 and lots of other goodies.

As an aside, it looks like the PS3 is actually selling for $550 Canadian (at least the 20 GB version). Considering the PS2 went for $500 when it first came out, that’s actually not as ridiculous as it was going to be.

Wii (the one with wii sports and mote+nun)+Classic Controller+Twilight Princess … more games will be purchased when more moola gets deposited into my bank account.

As the only gamer on the planet that isn’t excited about the Wii, if I pick up any system this year, it’ll probably be the Xbox 360. The PS3 costs way too fucking much, and with the exception of Twilight Princess, there’s nothing I’d play on the Wii at the moment.

So, to put it into perspective: 360 Premium + any game (probably either Dead Rising, Enchanted Arms, or Oblivion since my computer sucks)= about $460, excluding tax.


360 Core+Hard Drive+any game (same as above)= about $460, excluding tax.

I’m wondering where I could fly to, instead of getting Wii+controller+Zelda. In the end it won’t evade me though.

Not to change your choices and even though I know nothing of Elebits maybe try the game out before you actually buy it >_> Or maybe wait for a price drop, unless you know quite a bit which makes it seem like a must buy.

And also, I think Metal Slug is more of a game based at two players, so it might be a dull game if you don’t have anyone to co-op with, I would think.
edit: Well, maybe not so dull, but… I can only relate to fighter games where they’re fun first, but quickly get boring if you have no one to play against. Not sure how many times you can run through the game before you are bored of it.

I don’t know if I’ll have money for a Wii, let alone… if I would be able to pick one up during the week it is launched. I would probably only pick up Twilight Princess anyway, though.

Try before you Buy.

Ha ha.

You’re hilarious.

Yeah, I know… wait, I meant inane concept.

No you’re not.

I’m not picking anything up this year in the way of next-gen. I plan on waiting at least a year or better for the price to go down, the hardware to be revised, and see if anything worth playing is released.

I can get nothing with limited funds for a while,and I just made the mistake of buying four new games

Yeah…I’m not getting anyt NextGen systems either considering my PS2 just is dying on me and I have Suikoden V, Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy XIII and Disgaea 2 to play. Maybe next decade I’ll get Wii if just for Smash Brothers Brawl, and the Virtual Console.

I’m also not picking up anything next-gen for a while. If I have some cash to burn I’ll get a Nintendo DS.

Exactly. One of my friends and I are looking to get some Mario Kart on by the end of the year, and I want that FF3.

I just want a graphics card so I can play my damn guild wars.

I’m camping Best Buy for a PS3. The day after tomorrow. Possibly for 24 solid hours. The Wii and 360 have nothing I want. PS3 will have FFXIII.

1 > 0.

Of course I’m not buying one myself for a while yet, at least until FFXIII is on the horizon. I’m camping with my friends. We’re picking up 2 of them. The best part is, my best pal just bought a 50 inch flat screen HDTV. We’re going to have fun in the coming months.

HD hockey. Blue Ray movies. FFXIII. Urghhh it’s sooooo good… I’m gonna walk away thinking real life has bad resolution.

So I just had a reality check and realised that half the games I want for the Wii aren’t even announced for release here yet, and the Wii has region locking.