Well its official

I have officialy beaten all of my games. All 303 of them. So now what do I do? :moogle:

Get a girlfriend/go outside

Get another one, of course. Or join a D&D/GURPS/Shadowrun/Rifts/WoD/Exalted/Warhammer/Osprey/Battletech/Other RPG Systemshere group. Or, you could like, exercise like a madman.

Or buy game number 300. That is always a good choice.

Get a life, that’s what’s next.

Live, mate and die. You know, your biological purpose in life.

umm actauly I misscounted there 303 games not 299.

Get a girlfriend/go outside

I did that already! :moogle:

That’s very impressive. I know I don’t own 300 games, but I’m pretty sure I’ve completed about that many.

Now either shoot for 500 games, or do something productive. 8P

I do have 250 Games on one disk… All Dos Shareware on a cheep CD. I think The company got away from being sued sellling free stuff for a tenner, by arguing price for distributing it…


Put a list of the games you own on the internet somewhere so I can verify whether your claim to have beaten them all is feasible or not.

Learn how to speak and write english intelligently

Go ask your sister if you can date on of her friends. Derp.

Oh you :kissy:

Go buy more games, duh!

Perform an act of masturbation.


I’ve beaten all 9 of my games.

Go me.

Me want applause/medal.