Well hopefully this will help me.

I’ve been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder by my psychiatrist, and now I’m taking Straterra. I really hope that this will help me concentrate a little bit better, since it effects my schoolwork, my relationships with other people, and work (although I’m least concerned about work, quite frankly). It’s not really all that pleasant. I just started taking it today (about thirty minutes ago) so I doubt that I’ll feel a real change or anything quite yet, but here’s hoping.

And please hope that I don’t get any really nasty side effects.

Do you really have ADD? Alot of times it gets mis-diagnosed. =( But i hope that helps.

It’s usually misdiagnosed in children, actually. Some of the things about ADD are- you know… normal childhood behaviors. But I’ve had these problems all of my life. I WAS diagnosed as a child, and took Ritalin, but Ritalin didn’t really work for me (it made me very depressed) so I ended up getting of meds for a while. Also, I’m not going to share personal details, but let’s just say some of the things listed in the psychological record are not things that kids normally do.

Straterra eh? I haven’t heard of it before. According to the site, it’s not a stimulant, and has no abuse potential…so I guess you can’t have any fun with it. :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, good luck with your meds, hopefully they help balance out the bananas and the strawberries in your cerebral cortex.

I was diagnosed with ADD as a child. Then I got older and they figured out I didn’t have ADD. I really hope that medication helps.

I can understand how you feel, GAP. Recently, I’ve noticed that my ability to focus has diminished. Nothing too serious, but I keep doing annoying little things like putting the coffee in the micro and then forget to hit “start.” They wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t happen SO often. I fear it might be related to my epilepsy, or the medication I’m taking for it. I’m going to have to ask my Doctor about it on my next check-up.

Hope your situation improves.

Maybe you’re just getting OLD! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t have a serious comment without getting shut down, can I?

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Setz, that kind of posting is unnecessary and uncalled for. Any such further posting will result in a ban.

I had posted a serious comment, then like, 10 minutes after, people start messaging me like flies on shit. Asking questions about what I posted, and making accusations, poking fun, et cetera. So I decided to edit the post. I did not mean “fuck you all” to all members, just the individuals who won’t stop messaging me.

Bah drugs! Good luck though.

Don’t discredit drugs as a method of controlling adverse behavior problems, it has proven to actually be quite useful in several cases. I figured that there would be no harm in trying. If it doesn’t work, then I won’t take it anymore. No harm done. The only real thing that I’m worried about is the side effects, but luckily I’ve only noticed a slight decrease in appetite.

EDIT: Setz - What exactly did you say?

I don’t recall exactly, but it was similar to the lines of…

ADD isn’t that special. I was diagnosed as a child with it; and took meds for it. Later in life, I changed meds, 'cause similar to GAP, I became depressed all the time. I started taking Chlonodine to help focus. But, it didn’t help for the depression part. I’ve been 8 months now without medication, and it’s going fine. I think I was misdiagnosed. Not sure.

Well, when I was four, I was diagnosed with ADHD(attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity) and Asperger’s Syndrome. I took Ritalin until I was 15, and was taken off because my body had become dependent on it. I was switched to Cylert, and then subsequently put on an anti-depressant to try to balance myself out, and my brain asploed. The doctor then put me on Risperdal, after being re-diagnosed with schizophrenia and extreme paranoia(in addition to the previous diagnoses). I haven’t taken any(Rx) meds since I was 18, and I think that I’m doing considerably better now. But maybe that’s just an opinion, and everyone else thinks I still need meds…I dunno. I don’t think too highly of meds. The only meds I use now are street meds.

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was a kid too, but I like basic D&D alot better…

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