we'll forgive you for now.

I know somone who loves the game and I quote, “Evrything about the game says it should suck, but it dosen’t”

I loaded up my old save of KH1 to see if I could get myself interested enough to get 2. mostly just finishing up some colloseum stuff. After getting MP Rage on Sora, I’ve been trying to beet sephy, and I got him down to 50% beforehe did the harvest thing and then a fire piller (dodged his attack after harvest).

I think it was spoony telling us about how he acsedently hit the ??? that was teh platinum match and sephiroth shoed up that got me to think about getting the game in the first place.

Sephy-chan! Squee! =^.^=

coughcough Sorry, fangirl moment. >.>

I just kicked Sephiroth’s bland, bishie behind in Kingdom Hearts II. Hah-ha!

I finished 1 a few hours ago… The last boss was easy compared to sephiroth… Still working on him ;P. Just wondering, is 2 better than 1? if so, I might get it. I might also “aquire” the GBA game to get me that part of the story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

KHII is a hell of a lot of fun, and I’d probably have to say it IS better than the first game, though the first was pretty fun too.

As for Chain of Memories, well, remember that it has a card-based battle system. Me, I hate those types of things, and couldn’t really get anywhere in CoM without… erm, ‘help’. You don’t NEED to have played CoM to understand KHII, but it makes it much easier, as if you haven’t played CoM first then a lot of things about the introduction and first few hours won’t make much sense until near the end of the game.

Heh. I know a shmup-fan who had way too much fun with the gummiship-editor. He made Gradius, Sinistar, a bunch of other ships whose names I can’t remember …

yeah, once I got the warp, I never used the gimmi 'les I had to…

Yes, but with him, the whole point was to actually fly 'em.