Well, dunno how this'll turn out

Billie Piper/Evans to play Dr. Who’s assistant after all

God only knows how this’ll work… it’ll bring in loads of young fans, yes, here’s hoping some of them actually become fans of the show.

Three things in life are guaranteed: death, taxes and my ability to find new Dr. Who news :-p

I see this as continuity. Remember Dr Who’s other assisstants? Exactly.

Anyway. It’s got Chris Eccleston as the Who-man himself. It’s gonna rule!

Yeah, it should most likely live up to it’s name. As long as Billie Piper makes a good assistant, she’s cool with me.

Page won’t load. So who is Billie Piper?

Gilgamesh: It’s on the BBC Site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/

Don’t know, I can really say.

Big Nutter

Tweenie singer, married Chris Evans, got a reputation as some kind of partyer, came back into acting and by all accounts is doing a pretty good job at it.

404 for me.