first post. This is RPT’s sandbox.


Shrine Reviews?

You son of a bitch!

wait for RPT to wake up and I’m sure he’ll flesh this out. You’ll see :slight_smile:

Oops. I jumped the gun a little bit there. ::doh::

Why did that seem like a good idea to you? How is reviewing a shrine in that sense anywhere near useful? Maybe, just maybe, this forum is going to be used to review shrines similarly to the way a term paper would be reviewed to make it more coherent and useful. Maybe. Wait until we announce what is going on, kay?

Power to the people!


Hey Merlinator, long time, no type. I missed you while doing my NFL playoffs thread :wink:

Sweet, didn’t take long to get this here. Maybe Ori and I should start up on a KH2 shrine…

Hmmm. This could be an interesting forum if it’s what I think it is/could be.

RPT will expand on it later when he sees this forum, but the purpose of this forum will be to allow you, the non-Staffers, to help the Staff review those in-progress Shrines which have been reported as complete. That means all those Tartarus reserved Shrines, when their creators say they are done, will be publicly available for y’all to look at and help us determine if there are any lapses in information or things that can be improved.


But I have to ask if this only refers to recent shrines then?


I give this thread a 6. Ok, but not great.

I give your signature an O, for outdated!!!

I’m back, it remains to be seen if this is permanent.

Couldn’t we also make suggestions for improving existing shrines?


I’m still waiting for RPT to emerge out of whatever drunken haze he’s in so he can stagger to the computer for 5 freaking minutes and see that I made his forum for him!!!

Is this an expansion of the Sekkrit Projekt? Or has that just faded into the distance?

there never was a Sekkrit Project. What are you talking about >.>