We'd be great surgeons.


3 hours? Pssh. Many fo us probably beat that in a day. :hahaha;

if we were surgeons no one would die except from oldness

If we were surgeons we would all have very big houses, and BMWs

BMWs? Pssh, Jags baby, Jags.

I hate cars… I’ll just take a Harley

I’ll just take your mom <<…>>

“Yes, here we go!” said Rosser, sitting in front of a Super Monkey Ball game, which shoots a ball into a confined goal. “This is a nice, wholesome game. No blood and guts. But I need the same kind of skill to go into a body and sew two pieces of intestine together.”

And the best part: The man is speaking the truth. No blood or guts.

Except for when he’s tying the two pieces of intestine together!

Both of you are crazy, MR2’s or an old Jeep Scrambler that’s fire engine red with a hard, yet removeable, top, or a Goldwing modified for someone who is 5’2.

It does not surprise me in the slightest. My best friend would be an excellant surgeon, but I don’t think he wants to go to med school.

Hm… we could all be rich!! <_< I think I would screw up doing surgery…

Surgery is harder to perform than a videogame, but a videogame has more blood and gore.

This will make ‘Playing Video Games’ look good on my CV.

Too bad I neither play games nor want to become a surgeon. =P

Sorry, I won’t be a surgeon either. I’ve been in an operating room too much, I certainly wouldn’t want to work in one.

Not to mention playing video games gives one OTHER advantages when “playing doctor”. But anyway. <.<

Unfortunitly for many people here most RPGs don’t count, since you take turns. Not all RPGs, but many.

Wouldn’t work on me, either, since when playing emulated games I abuse savestates, MML seemed kinda too easy for some reason, and Enter the Matrix is … Enter the Matrix.

Time of Death - 10:55:36
Save State 1 Loaded
Time of Death - 10:55:45
Save State 1 Loaded
Time of Death - 10:55:49

Precisely. Especially ridiculous in MegaMan Zero 2, most boss fights in other MM games, and any fight against Onslaught in MvsC.

I’d be looking for the off switch everytime I screwed up ^^;