what do you read if any?

Why aren’t you reading it yet?

Octopus Pie. Everyone should read Octopus Pie.


Questionable Content

This is why I don’t need to make threads while tired. Thanks Haders

To cheat the question: Zero Punctuation

Anders Loves Maria


I don;t know why I keep reading this comic. I can’t stand how there seems to be not a single redeeming quality about any of the characters.

Achewood had me laughing like hell.

Though normally, I don’t read a lot of webcomics. Just whenever I get really bored.

I don’t know. A few are basically good people; Sven, mostly, but Maria’s brother’s only real fault is an overactive temper.

My top picks are are the aforementioned Questionable Content, Dominic Deegan, Order of the Stick (and by extension, Erfworld) and xkcd, but if I had to pick a 1# fave, it’d be Girl Genius.

Questionable Content and the occasional xkcd when I’m bored.