Webcomic Fight

Who would win, Real Life or Bob and George?
They’re both old, and very very popular. BnG has sub/fancomics, but RLC has been up for something like six years.



Can I get a little feedback this time?

Hahahahaha, what a quaint thread.

Charlemagne: Your comments are quaint, too. :hahaha;

Ryoto: My favorite Webcomic is Captain Snes.

Real Life.

  1. Polling forum.

  2. Come on. Why would you make a thread like this? I dunno. Maybe I’LL make a thread- asking about… uh… 8 Bit Theatre and Something Positive. And then… will it stop at webcomics? Which is better- Boondocks or Dunesbury? I mean- come on. This is just slightly ridiculous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Megatokyo all the way!!!:victoly:

:fungah: That wasn’t an option…

/me facepalms


:fungah: Better be.

8-bit Theater, of course. And like CC said, this should be in the polling forum.


Originally posted by Alyx
Megatokyo all the way!!!:victoly:


Anyways, I think I like RealLife best…it’s kinda hard to pit those two together.:too bad;

I haven’t read either of the two comics that started this thread. Of the comics that I have read, the best by far is Sluggy Freelance. I can think of a few others (8 Bit Theater and PA included) that would be really good if they didn’t overdo it with the immaturity/violence/etc.

BnG? Dysfunction!

And I never read real life.


Stardroids rocks, as does VG Cats (thanks to Zero and his linkage).

I’m appelled. Macc’s HQ and Online Life of course!

You’re what Weiila?
And bah, go read some Dominic Deegan.

I think she meant to say appalled.

OL, FARTS, and 8-bit theater.

This belongs in the Polling Forum. moved

Originally posted by Dominic Deegan
You’re what Weiila?
And bah, go read some Dominic Deegan.

She’s… full of apples? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, Dominic Deegan does rock. I’ve seen the artist’s stuff elsewhere. He’s good.

And can Macc/FARTS/ really be classified as comics? I’d say they’re more (really funny) scripts.

Boonedocks vs Dunesbury? Boondocks has that thug kid in it, so they will obviously win ;p

We wouldn’t be able to agree, and instead we’d get busy with drawing blood. People would die, I would get a whole lot to do. And the entire word would collapse because I’d need a holiday afterwards.

Blancmange, even if it doesn’t make any sense.
The Demon Pooka is good too, even if it’s been dead and not updated the last age and a half. Selina-san still rules.

The obligatory Jack.
Warning blah blah yada yada
Violence, some nudity.

Between those two? BnG, all the way. Real Life rocks, but Bob and George is the biggest heavyweight. Plus it has lots of little offspring that could nip at Real Life’s ankles while BnG laid on the punches.

…if that makes any sense.