Webcam Program

I recently was playing with the netbook that I bought my mom for Christmas and realized it had a built in webcam. It works fine, but the only time you can be seen is when you’re sitting right in front of of it. Acer’s being a dick about explaining how to use its options because the netbook’s out of warranty but I got out of them that a webcam program is needed to acces options like brightness, etc. and zooming. Does anyone know of such a program? The netbook runs Windows XP.

I’ve never actually used a notebook or had a laptop in general. However, I would assume that the web-cam software would have come bundled with the other software for your notebook (like drivers and such.) If not you could always find out what model that web-cam is and google it for software. If that still doesn’t work, then try some of the free software from CNET:

Hope I was of some help! :slight_smile:

I was going to do exactly that helios. I think I found one that does what I’m looking for but I haven’t tried it out yet. I’ve tried other drivers for the Acer Crystal Eye cam, but they either didn’t install correctly or they don’t recognize the camera. I just can’t believe Acer actually responded to my e-mail by stating something like, “A third third party program is required to access these features. As the program would be from a different program and you didn’t pay us anyting to extend your warranty we can’t provide any of that information.” That’s just bad customer service if you ask me.

That is terrible customer service… the least they could do is offer some alternative software names, or provide contact details of other companies that may be able to help, since the web-cam is incorporated into their product! geez I never new Asus would do that, I’ve heard good things about them…

Also, if you could post the model of your Notebook, I could look further into the matter for you! :slight_smile:

Not Asus, I almost bought one of their computers (That’s another story, don’t get me started Worst Buy, I’ll never shop there again), Acer.

Oh yeah, Acer… lol, stupid me… it’s on the screen and I still wrote Asus! xD