We of the Dragonlance--characters needed!

You read dragonlance? I read dragonlance. I’m like TOOOOTALLY obsessed, and yes I guess that makes me a nerd, but still! Raistlin is so awesome, and Tasslehoff is hilarious, and the Speaker of the Suns is such a (BLEEP)ing piece of crap, so…

Anyways! I’m off track again, sorry. Who wants to rp dragonlance? I do, that’s who! And if you’re totally awesome you do too! This is to be set in the original series, either in the War of the Lance, the War of Souls, of the Chaos War. Man, they have a lot of wars here… But! Big but here! (is it yours?) You can use ANY character, living or dead, in this rp! Feel free to have a Mina chatting with a Caramon or a Palin and Flint having an all out battle! Anything goes, with a few limits of common sense!

So! Now we need the characters. Kindly only take one, unless nobody replies and we need more. I will be claiming either Raistlin or Tasslehoff, I’m not sure which, but one of them is MINE. So be aware you may not get them if you try…

Also, I need able rpers here! If you post little 2 liners constantly, I shall say NO and have a goodbye cookie and shut the door on your way out, ok? I need people who can and will rp the dudes like they should be!

So! If you would kindly fill out the form (gods, not a form! ANYTHING BUT A FORM!) yes, the form, your character may or may not be chosen!

Character wanted: 
Rp sample: 

Simple enough! The plot remains flexible and open to ideas, waht?