I was wondering how many of us still have Wc3 installed and play every once in a while? Gamer knows that I have recently begun playing it every once in a while, and I was hoping we could get more than a few of us together to play a game every couple of nights or something. Me Sonic and Kal will play.

raises hand

I’m game.

I play Warcraft III on Azeroth, or U.S. East Coast, under the name Mengde. I don’t do stock, though, I play custom games with my clan members. If you can find us we’ll treat you to a TD or a Tides of Blood game.

I use Taran_Wanderer on the US East server. I’ve been getting into RISK games recently, but I’ll play just about anything. Maybe not well, but I’ll give it a go.

I play on Azeroth under the name of K-- oh wait, I can’t play anymore. Stupid Debian :frowning:


Does WINE not support Battle.net?

What is WINE?

Windows emulator for linux? Kor said he was using Debian, I assumed Debian linux.

I doubt wine can run it. Maybe cedega, but not wine.

My problem’s something else, though: my video card manufacturer doesn’t make drivers for linux, so I’m stuck with a driver that doesn’t support 3d acceleration.