ways to stick it to The Man

first off let me say that I am not talking about sticking it to The Man just cause you think its cool with stuff like rock music.

1.The greatest way everdont smoke, tobbaco industrys are The Man

By buying single ply toilet paper

By sleeping with the presidents secretary, and framing him into confessing. As I hear: Hilary is good.

What are you doing, sir?

Sticking it to The Man.

But you ARE The Man. So wouldn’t you be sticking it to yourself?

Vlad the Impaler stuck it to the man.

Oh wait, he stuck men on sticks.

Hang out at the mall.

Skateboard in parking lots.

Walk slowly across intersections and glare at stopped drivers.

with a sticker

Don’t be a drugged up hippy, read some books.

The internet (lol).

What ‘chu talkin’ 'bout, Cav?

By ordering a prime number of hamburgers at White Castle

Downloading stuff for free.

Which is communism, doncha know?

Embezzlement, blackmail.

Without pride nor regret.

And look at 'im now, he’s become known for being the awesomest vampire ever. By which I mean the most cliched.

Wasting a college education.

Riding a train with GTA advertising all over it.

By not letting them sit at the cool people table in the cafeteria.

pee in a toilet.

Remind him he doesn’t exist.

The Green Line?