Water Wierd

Hi Guys

I understand a Water Wierd can be destroyed by purifying the water.

Is this correct and if so how can it be done?

If I remember correctly, there are several spells with ‘purifying’ effects. I assume any one of those, as well as a lot of cleric healing spells could work.

Arn’t water wierds just some kind of fortune teller? (Thinking that next time at Frame’s must check Monster Mannuel II) Why do you want to kill it?

My players will try and kill everything they come up against, sometimes coming up with off the wall solutions to problems.

They will view a creature they can’t kill with normal weapons as a problem and will spend an extrodinarily long time on it.

I want to be ready for anything they try so if anyone has details of exactly what spells will work to totally destroy it (so it can’r regenerate every two rounds) then that would be great.

The clerics have level three spells and the wizard level two spells.

Your players kill everything? I think most purifying spells can… I’ll go check… goes to her MM