Water Monster Help

Hi Guys

I need a creature made from water that will take damage from weapons but will reform after “Death” but that is killable by some other means.

Can anybody help.

We are playing Second Edition.


Maybe give a water elemental regeneration, like that of a troll?

I don’t want anything that hard, its just to annoy them as the kill it and it keeps coming back after a couple of rounds.

Mind you I have no idea how they will manage to kill it off.

Well, what level party is this. Because you could just de-level a water elemental (remove hit die, skills/feats, et c’eteras) and give it regeneration, like Gil suggested.

Hi Guys

So how would they go about killing a water elemental?


Water Elementals don’t have any damage reductions to my knowledge, so just treat it like a regular monster, damaged by attacks and offesnive spells, and once they kill it, have it come back in a couple rounds.

When I was DMing, I made up more new rules than you’d think possible. I did all sorts of crazy things. If you want a water elemental to come back after your PCs kill it, just say it does. All you have to do is say something like “the creature reforms itself and begins to attack again”

When you’re the DM, you’re basically god, so what you say goes, regardless of whether it’s in the rules or not. (It’s one of the reasons my last campaign was so successful)

Hence our favorite phrase: “You’re in my world now… Bitch!”

Other then a water elemental, an ooze might be good, for high lvls anyway.

Exactly. :slight_smile: I never thought of it so… bluntly, though.