Wasteland 2 & Baldur's Gate 1 &2 remakes

Brian Fargo, the producer of Wasteland & Fallout 1 &2 has raised $1,5 million to finance a sequel for Wasteland. Apparently there is a strong contingent in the forums that hopes for a proper Fallout sequel in all but name. I’m surprised that Fargo couldn’t get funding for the game through proper sources (he headed Interplay back in the day) despite the high sales of both Fallout 3 & New Vegas, but apparently Kickstarter works if you have 30.000 people willing to give you money.

In other news, there is a remake of Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 (and Shadows of Amn, I reckon) for PC and iPad. The original & TUTU still works for Win7, but an update is nice. Apparently the same company could get the rights for a BG3 if there’s sufficient demand (ha!). It’s frankly stupid that people have to raise money directly from the public for a sequel to games like Baldur’s Gate. I mean just see the endorsements in Wasteland 2’s Kickstarter page (scroll past the updates).

I feel bad for not caring much about Wasteland, but…

HOLY FUCKING JESUS CHRIST ON POGO STICKS, YES. They’re aparently adding new stuff too. I really hope this is good, and I hope it sells like a motherfucker so they get the clue that not everything has to be Cawadoody. And maybe, if I can dream, they could do the same for Torment and add all the dropped plotlines that are on the project statement.

Tbh, I’d bet most of the backing for Wasteland 2 is because of Fallout. I’m certain there’s a market for Baldur’s Gate (after all, DAO was basically a tribute to a BG-style game) though the first chapters of BG would feel slow nowadays. Bloody Nashkel Mines. BG should still command a ton of goodwill though and people who sprung for the 5-cd game then have more disposable income as adults.

Avellone was mooting the idea of a Torment 2 Kickstarter, though it should be something new as the old story and the question were wrapped up. PS:T was class.