was digimon good?

i used to watch digimon all the time when it came on and tryed to collect all the cards and stuff. but it seemed i was the only one that watched it back then. everyone else in missouri thought it was stupid. so i just want an honest anser was digimon a good show. :moogle:

I liked the first season, but every season after that was just a rehash with a new version of Tai as the main character.

The Digimon series was one of the BEST animes I’ve ever seen, at least in the genre it belongs to.

You cannot compare it to, say, Gundam, because they’re entirely different things. But, as a kids’ show that happens to contain action and a serious plotline, it DEFINITELY is better than most of its kind, especially POKEMON, which everybody else thinks it was a rip off of. Maybe at first, but it then went in its own direction.

And certainly better than anything in Nickelodeon. 8P

For a kids show it was good, I think. The new version of Tai in every version is something I kinda liked. ^^

I lost interest of it when the original digimon evolved like 5 times. I couldn’t keep track of the names.

I liked the Matt guy though, and his…digiguy.

Steer clear of the so called ‘Digimon Movie’. It’s so bad!! In fact I recall it was just a bunch of epis sown together.

saw the first 2 seasons. it’s ok, although some charas look kinda gay to me.

Like any anime, it had its good and bad points. In my personal opinon, it was one of the best anime shown for the Saturday morning crowd, mostly because of the fact that most of the flavor still managed to carry through to the dub (for example, the ‘hour of the beast’ thing from the first season). Of course, this didn’t stop it from being incredibly hokey at times.

It was pretty decent, far better than pokemon. I watched most of the first season and a half, but it got slightly irritating when they kept suddenly discovering that they could “digi-volve” to a new level. [sarcasm]Gasp. What a surprise. He’s turning into Super-Ultimate-Flying-Metal-Greymon. Or perhaps Flying-Flaming-Firebreathing-Veteran-Kamikaze-Killer-Greymon-from-Abu-Dabi.[/sarcasm]

I loved the first 2 seasons of Digimon, but after that they really sucked.

The first season was one of the best animes I’ve seen so far. Unlike most kid shows, it had a serious plotline, characters with some kind of personality, and some halfway decent action (too bad the dub caused my ears to bleed). The second season was all right for a while, but went off the deep end about halfway through and started getting preachy on us (that, and the endings sucked more than Heart of the Alien’s). The third season was good until the last handful of episodes, and was my second favorite overall. The fourth season, however, was terrible. Absolutely terrible.

God I totaly know what you mean! They so needed more gay characters. I mean, girls-pif- who wants to see that? Geezzzzzzzz. It also could have used more hot guys.

Oh, and, no.


I absolutely loved it, and the urban sci-fi/fantasy kick it was in. Seasons 1 and 3 stand out for me, though 2 had its moments. Never caught 4.

Watched most of the first season, then when the main characters started changing I gave up after I missed two eps and couldn’t figure out what was going on. From what I heard after that it could be really good.

PLus it had to Elvis impersonator.

Needless to say, I second this comment.

Meh, I felt that there was already too many possible gay couplings throughout the 4 seasons.

As for content, it was one of the first shows that actually got me into anime so it holds a special place in my heart. Had its ups and downs in quality but a good series overall. As for the dubbed movie it is actually 5 movies(not sure if you consider 30 minutes a movie) somehow spliced into one. I’ve been too scarded to see it but have all 5 movies subbed anyways.

season 4 is total crap in my book. the others are alright, esp. 1 and 3.

I liked it, especially the first season. I’ll still watch it if it just happens to be on ABC family.

Ok, Seen as ITV never shown Series 4, and seem to Ditch series 3 mid way through. I’ve seen most episodes of 1 and 2. I liked it more that Pokémon. It seems like the series are Divided in to 2 or 3 seasons to me.

I prefere the Season 1 digiviolves partly Because of the Kana, and the Spilt screen Digivolve of the second half of the second season.

I Like it so much so, I have considered doing a Didvolve Vid using Poser for 2 members of this board for a laugh.

The Digimon movie which I seen parts of Movie seem like several Tv episode with her (Forgot her name) doing a interconeteing V/o. I might Consider Renting it if I didn’t know it wasn’t there already.

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WindyTWIt Digivoles toooooo… Big Nutter. The Stick will hit you.

I really liked it, also season three really stands out to me, although the ending dissapointed me, I want more!!! LOL