Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War Beta

So far this is turning out to be, while so far not exactly the revolution that’s been promised, a damn good RTS. Did anyone else get into the Beta? I’m hoping to play someone who isn’t an asshole. It could be awesome if they get the balance sorted out. So far Dreadnoughts are damn near indestrucible, which kinda sucks if you’re Eldar against Space Marines or Chaos.

wow, it’s an exact replica of the WM universe. Space Marines are simply untouchable! Chaos slightly less so! Imperial Guard!? Who’d wanna play that when you’ve got the extremely BORING space marines!

You can play IG in the full version? Maybe if they had massively cheap, C&C Red Alert-style troop costs and build times it could compensate? Plus all those tanks. I remember the IG tanks.

I wish they’d have included Tyranids rather than Elder. You can’t really not choose SM’s and Orcs, but I think Tyranids instead of Chaos and maybe Tau instead of Eldar would have made a better choice.

Dude. The only GOOD tank the IG has is the Basilisk and it’s mighty Earthshaker Cannon.

1: Those things cost POINTS
2: You’re not exactly supposed to shoot 'em down with Lasguns/Bolters/Shuriken Catapults… (Necron Gaussguns I would use though…)

Mab, it’s an RTS, not the tabletop game.

But anyway, Dreads cost a fuckload of points maybe, but what’s one dread gonna cost you when you know you’re gonna triple the amount of points it costs you before it goes boom.

One dread versus the entire IG army = Dread wins.