Anyone still play WoW and want a newb who hasn’t played for a year on their PvP server?

Everybody is starting up old MMOs again.

Must be summer.

Kal, Sonic, and I are all still on KJ, but I’m not interested in another lowbie that constantly asks for gold. If you wanna learn about specs and strategies feel free to send me a tell there.

Lanyx = Lanyx (Rogue)
KaldoreiLord = Kalius (Druid)
SonicBomber = Culver (Warlock)

I’d only have to ask once if you went ahead and gave me some :slight_smile:

Just kidding of, course.

I didn’t really mean to sound as serious as I might have >.>; I’m not on as much as I used to be, but if you roll on Kil’Jaeden just send me a tell